Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anyone Still Checking In??

I've been bad about blogging lately! Lots has been going on...

  • Crib is assembled, dresser purchased, nursery is complete! Well, except for one shelf...a DIY project that hasn't come to fruition quite yet. I'll take pics one of these days.
  • Stroller is assembled. It almost took as long to assemble as the crib! And I think my husband would agree that it was much more difficult, too!
  • We purchased a new vehicle for me....said stroller was too big to fit in the trunk of my Pontiac G6 (small opening) so I am now driving a 2009 Subaru Forrester! =) Much more cargo room!
  • Baby is moving lots, especially in the wee hours of the morning when I'm trying to sleep!
  • Baby showers are scheduled...May 16 with friends and a few family members, and June 5 with coworkers.
  • We start "prepared childbirth education" classes in a few weeks, April 20.
  • I'm signed up to walk in the March of Dimes walk April 26. I'll be 30 weeks along by then...I made my friend promise to walk slow! hahaha

I'm packin' on the pounds....and choosing not to share with you exactly how many! lol...

I took a few pics this morning to share with you. This is me, 26 weeks & 2 days pregnant.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Family Birthplace Tour

In September, 2008, the hospital where our daughter will be born opened their new Family Birthplace. We'd heard very good things about it and how nice it was but we had no idea how great it truly was. Kid you not...we've stayed in hotels that weren't as nice as the two private suites we will be in. The whole addition is beautifully decorated and just has a warmth about it. There are lots of pictures of babies and families on the walls and inspiring quotes.

Upon arrival to the hospital we will be checked into a labor & delivery room. In the room is a couch that pulls out into a bed, a flat screen tv, and a dvd player. There is also Wi-Fi throughout the hospital, so we can bring out laptop to pass the time if we wish. My favorite thing was in the bathroom...a HEATED toilet seat! lol... I wish I had that here at home! =)

I will remain in the labor & delivery room until after she's born. I assumed I would be taken elsewhere for the actual delivery, but that's not the case. She will be born in that room and will remain with me the entire time, unless she needs to go have tests done or go to the NICU. Below is a pic of one of the labor & delivery rooms.

A few hours after delivery I will be transferred to a post-partum room. It also has the pull-out couch, flatscreen tv, and dvd it has a very nice rocker recliner and a mini-fridge. The hubs says he will bring a home brew to enjoy. =) Besides being able to order food (I looked through the menu and mmmmm....), we will have 24-hour access to a hospitality suite which had several snack and beverage items, all of which are free. Here is a pic of one of the post-partum rooms.

The rooms are nice and spacious and plenty of roomy for visitors, but there are also a couple of areas for them to hang out (if we get tired of them, as the nurse put it). One of them is a living room setting with a fireplace, couches and chairs. The other is more like a general waiting room area but has a nice flat screen and a computer for them to use if they want.

After the tour was complete we went up and visited my coworker's daughter who gave birth two days earlier. It was nice to see a room "in action" or whatever and not just an empty one. We each held her baby and surprisingly enough...she didn't cry at all! lol.... It was kind of surreal actually....I mean in just 4 months I'll be in that bed and we'll be holding our own daughter. All I can say is Wow.