Monday, April 20, 2009

Painting Project Complete!

We put our own "personal touch" on the house this past weekend and we really like how it turned out. The hallway and entryway were done in champagne gold which is a nice bright shade with a light yellow undertone. The walls leading down to the stairway will also be done in this same color and will be painted by a professional this Friday. We didn't want to mess with either scaffolding or a tall ladder, so we decided to pay someone else to risk falling! lol...

In the living room we used a color called pumpkin butter. It's a very warm color and not near as scary as the pics indicate! Our kitchen and dining room was done in a dark terra cotta color when we moved in and the pumpkin butter compliments it very well.

I've attached some pics, but please keep in mind that the pics don't do it justice. One of them looks much more orange than it is; another makes it look yellower than it is! And the hallway color just plain doesn't show much.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Taking a Babymoon!

Babymoon: a trip taken by parents who are expecting a baby; designed as a sort of “last hurrah” before the birth of the child.

The trip we have planned isn't at a resort or a luxury spa like some babymoon destinations, but we will be spending time doing something we enjoy as a couple. And that's what's important. We don't need to be spending thousands of dollars right now!

We honeymooned in Kansas City....and that's where we will be babymooning as well. We are going to leave town Thursday morning, April 30, and catch a KC Royals baseball game that afternoon at 1:10 p.m. Our seats are only 6 rows up from the field on the 3rd base side and we should have a pretty good view of a player who grew up in the city we live in and played college ball here in town. Plus, I've never been to a Royals game so I'm looking forward to it.

Afterwards we'll head to the hotel and change clothes and go somewhere nice for dinner. Where, I don't know, but we have time to figure that out. It looks like there are some nice restaurants near the hotel so we may ask the staff what they recommend. Oh, and there's a Hooters nearby! lol....I told my husband I'm afraid if we went in, they'd think I was looking for a job the way my chest is looking these days! hahahahaha! =)

When we get back to the hotel we'll likely hang out at the pool or hot tub. I have a swim suit from my "fat" days that I'm thinking will fit me again. It's one of those 2 piece suits where the bottom looks like a skirt and the top is a tank. The waistband of the bottom is completely elastic so I'm sure it will stretch enough. Hopefully the tank is big enough to cover my growing belly! lol... Or, I can hope there's no one else in the pool area! ; )

Regarding the hot my first appointment, the pregnancy education nurse said hot tubs are a no-no during pregnancy because my core body temperature isn't to exceed 102 degrees for more than 10 minutes. I did some googling this morning and studies have shown an increased risk of birth defects in babies of women who had an increased body temperature during the first trimester of pregnancy...but since I'm now in my third trimester, I don't know if the danger is still there. I'm thinking I can probably sit on the steps with my butt and legs in the water, or possibly sit completely in it but only for 5 minutes at a time and pay attention to how hot I'm getting. I go to the doctor a few days before the trip, so I'll ask her what she thinks.

We'll check out of the hotel the following morning on Friday and will have lunch and likely hit a nearby shopping mall before heading back home. It'll be a quick trip, but it'll be nice to go somewhere for fun one last time, just the two of us, without having to arrange a baby-sitter.

Side notes:

  • We are painting this weekend! The foyer and hallway will be done in 'champagne gold' and the living room in 'pumpkin butter.' It should look nice with the paint in our dining room/kitchen which is sort of a dark terracotta color.
  • Our first childbirth education class is this coming Monday (the 20th).
  • March of Dimes walk is the 26th. If you'd like to support me, you can do so by clicking on the logo at the top of my page on the right.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I get together with a group of 6 friends one night each month for dinner and we call it GNO (Girl's Night Out). Last night we met at Famous Dave's and to my surprise, they threw me a baby shower! =) I was very shocked...and thrilled!

Here's a list of what we received:

  • the bouncer we registered for. =)
  • a yellow and pink blanket that will be perfect to bring her home in since it's nice and lightweight (it'll be hot, remember!)
  • a bedtime book
  • a cover to use on wooden high chairs at restaurants, a bib ("I Love Mommy") and a toy to keep her entertained on her first "baby's night out" with the hubs. ; )
  • hooded towel and washcloth set with a bunny on the part that covers the head.
  • a pink coat made of soft faux-suede material and lined with sheepskin with a hood and a pouch/pocket in the front to keep her hands warm (not that she'll understand that and actually put them in there, but it's super cute anyway).
  • a fuschia lightweight ribbed turtleneck sweater and matching corduroy overalls with a zebra print on the pockets.
  • a giant rubber ducky. Seriously. And when I say giant, I mean the size of a basketball. The girl who gave it to me wasn't able to make it, which is probably good, because I'm sure I had that "WTF?" look on my face after I opened it. I looked in the wrapping to see if there was something else with it like a towel, baby wash...something to explain it but there was nothing. Just a huge duck! The other girls were like, "I wouldn't put that in the bathtub with her, it'll scare her!" lol.... This friend (also my cousin) has been trying to get pregnant since 2004 with no luck and they are now looking into adoption. I'm thinking now that the reason she wasn't able to make it last night was because it would've been too hard for her since she's very upset about not being able to have kids of their own. So perhaps shopping is too tough and she just grabbed the first thing she saw or something. I really don't know. But the duck is going to straight to the basement, out of sight. It even scared our dog! My husband's comment was, "Where's the 8-person hot tub that goes with it?" since you always see rubber duckies in hot tubs when they're for sale. lol.... If you know someone who is into rubber duckies, by all means let me know and I'll mail it to them. ; ) Or Shanna....perhaps you want it for your new hot tub?! lol...

On another note, the DIY shelf is almost we just need to paint it. I originally wanted it pink and bought pink paint....but now I'm thinking I want to paint it a dark brown to match the furniture in the room. We need to go to Home Depot soon anyway so I'll look for some there. We decided we want to repaint the living room, hallway and foyer of our house and we have the paint picked out, we just need to go buy it. Our plan is to paint next weekend. I'll post pics eventually, and of the nursery once the shelf is up.

We're heading to my in-laws house in Iowa tomorrow for Easter. This will be our last road trip before she's born. I still can't believe July is just around the corner!

I hope you all have a safe, happy and blessed Easter! =)