Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Secret's Out!

First I'll tell you about my family's reaction. I had told my mom to call me as soon as the flowers got there so I knew they were delivered, etc. My phone rang around 10:00 a.m. Christmas Eve and it was her, "The flowers just came." That was all she said! I then asked, "So?" "They're pretty," she responded. WTF?? "Have you read the card yet?" I asked. "Your dad is opening it now." I could hear him reading it in the background and then she finally said something like, "Oh!" I don't really remember but it was good. They're happy and excited for us. I guess when it was delivered my dad made the comment that it looked more like a 4th of July arrangement than a Christmas one so I heard him say, "Now it makes sense!" lol.... She did say she was which I replied, "you aren't the only one!" lol... We talked for a bit and then I asked if she had received the second card I had sent them and she said yes. I told her to wait to open it till they opened their other presents on Christmas Day.

When my grandparents and aunt got there for lunch (on Christmas Day) she had them read the card for the flowers and I guess my aunt started to cry. Mom called around 2:00 after she had opened the card...the one with the heartbeat recorded into it and said that it was pretty neat. My sister-in-law said she told my brother at Thanksgiving that she bet I was pregnant since I was sick all weekend! They are excited, too.

Moving on to my husband's family. We gave the wine bottles to his mom and sister right before we sat down to dinner. They opened them and each caught on fairly quickly. Then our nieces read the bottles and there was lots of screaming. His mom gave me a hug and screached so loud into my right ear that I swear it was bleeding internally! OUCH! In the meantime his dad was like, "What's going on?" since he hadn't seen the bottle yet. Someone yelled out, "She's pregnant!" and then he was excited, too. It took about 10 minutes for everyone to calm down. The nieces are thrilled that they're finally getting a 1st cousin. The girls are older; 14, 19, and 21 so they will be more like aunts to them but they are thrilled. (My husband's only sibling is 13 years older than him.) The middle one has already offered to babysit whenever we need her to since she's going to college in town and the youngest informed us that she'll babysit once she's down here for college, too.

So it's safe to say that the baby will be more than welcome in its new family. =)

I still haven't broke the news to my coworkers (well, a few of them know but that's it). We always take treats for the whole office on our birthday so that's when I'm telling....January 5...a week from tomorrow. I'm going to bake cupcakes and frost them in pink and blue. If I'm feeling ambitious I might make the gender symbols on top of each with gel or whatever that stuff is. I'm going to have to make 4 dozen though so we'll see.

As for me, I'm in the last week of the first trimester. All I have to say about that is GOOD RIDDANCE! lol... The last week or two have been pretty good so I think I'm on the upswing. I weighed myself this morning and I'm only up 1.8 from where I started but my abdomen is definitely larger. My pants that were once slightly baggy (especially at the end of the day from being stretched out) are fitting a bit snug. I bought some elastic pony tail holders today to use when I can't comfortably button my pants anymore (you put one end around the button and weave it through the hole and back around the button to give you more room). I'm putting off buying maternity pants for as long as I can! I did buy some roomy shirts at Penney's a couple of days ago. They're all from the regular women's section but the style right now is long and flowy...perfect for expanding bellies! All are lightweight material so I'll be able to wear them this spring, too.

We're going to have a really wild New Year's Eve this year as our plan is to go see Marley & Me around 7ish and then 'attempt' to ring in the new year. My husband is still on I.V. antibiotics and will have to do his nightly infusion at 10:00 p.m. so if we decide to stay out, he'll likely be doing it a bar, which is weird but whatever. If we do go somewhere, it'll be to Libations II which is a comfy sort of place. But given that the medicine makes him drowsy and the slightest amount of alcohol has the same effect times two, I'm not promising we'll see 2009 make its debut. We might end up coming home, having a glass of wine (my doc says that would be fine) and heading to bed before the fancy ball drops at midnight. We'll see though.

Have a happy and SAFE New Year's and I'll chat with you next year! ; )

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wine Labels

I finally got around to printing the labels for the wine we're giving to my husband's parents and sister. The pics don't show the detail, but the background is a light green and white plaid.

Friday, December 19, 2008

We have a Heartbeat!

I went to the doctor two days ago and I was able to hear the heartbeat! It was beating very fast at 173 beats/minute and was loud and clear. It was really good to hear it and to know that things seem to be progressing just fine. Since my hubs wasn't able to make it to the appointment I recorded it on my cell phone and played it for him later. I won't go into all of the details , but he spent 5 days in the hospital and had 2 surgeries due to a staph infection in his knee which developed 4 weeks after his initial knee surgery November 14 (sigh). He wasn't out of the hospital yet at the time of my appointment....thus the recording. He's home now and recovering well but will be administering his own antibiotics every 8 hours via an I.V. in his arm until January 10. Sounds fun, eh?!

Back to my appointment...I FINALLY met my doctor! She's SUPER nice and I'm so glad I chose her over my PCP. She was really friendly and easy to talk to...I felt very comfortable with her. She asked if I feel like I'm eating healthy and I told her that until this last week, which included lots of fast food runs (due to spending so much time at the hospital away from home), I had been doing well with my eating. I also told her that prior to becoming pregnant, I had lost almost 70 pounds via WW. She said that was great and she's going to help me watch my weight during pregnancy so I don't gain a lot of excess pounds since I worked so hard to get them off in the first place. We are shooting for a 30-pound gain which will put me at 180 (still 40 pounds less than when I began WW). She asked if I minded if she told me that I had gained too much in between my visits and I told her no. I need that accountability! So far I've gained exactly 3 pounds and I'm this close to the end of my first trimester, so I'm doing fine!

I'm feeling much better, too. I still get a little sleepy in the evenings but I've been able to stay up past 9:00 the past few nights (it was after 11 last night...stayed up to watch a volleyball game). I also don't feel as queezy, which is really nice...and the "girls" aren't as tender either. I'm very happy about that! lol.... What I'm NOT happy about is the fact that my chin has TWO pimples on it...thanks pregnancy hormones! Argghhh..... I feel like I'm 16 again. =( Oh well...this too shall pass.

I almost forgot...I told the nurse why I was recording the heartbeat and I also wanted to play it for family and she had a great suggestion. You know those greeting cards that you can record a personal message in? Well, I bought a Christmas one for grandparents and recorded the recording of the heartbeat into it. When you open the card, it plays the heartbeat for 8 seconds and then starts playing "Away in a Manger." I'm going to send it to my parents with a "do not open until Christmas Eve NIGHT" message on the envelope. I don't want her to open it before she gets the flowers because she might be a bit confused. ; ) On the inside I wrote, "This is my heartbeat at 11.5 weeks." I'm glad she suggested it because now my parents will get to hear it, too, and I won't feel like they're being left out since my husband's parents will hear it 'in person'.

I'll let all of you know how the telling of the family goes after next week. Only FIVE more days and everyone will know! The best part is that I can finally quit lying to my mom and mother-in-law about my WW weigh-ins! lol.... ; )

I still don't have a tummy pic to post...although I must admit...some of my pants are getting tight and I do have a pooch that isn't just a fat roll! ; ) lol... One of these days, I promise.

I hope all of you have a very blessed Christmas and a safe New Year. =)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two Years Down....

Yesterday was our 2-year anniversary and it was a great day. When I got home from work I found a neatly wrapped package in the bathroom on the vanity. I could tell it was from Kaye since it looked exactly like the packaging that held my engagement ring and I had a hunch what it was. I opened it and was thrilled to see the diamond hoop earrings that I had been looking at off and on for many, many months! I love, love, LOVE them! =) Aren't they gorgeous?!

For dinner we went to a fairly new restaurant in town, Carmela's Bistro & Wine Bar. We went there shortly after they opened but we didn't eat; we just had some wine. It's a very intimate place...dim lighting, candles on the tables, fancy curtains on the windows, wine bottles everywhere...perfect for celebrating an anniversary. I was slightly worried about what to get because the list of foods that set off my gag reflex is growing...but I went ahead and ordered what sounded good, the Chicken Milano. It was a grilled chicken breast with sauteed mushrooms, onions, artichoke hearts and spinach in a creamy sauce served on orzo with sauteed green beans and red peppers. OMG! DELICOUS! And best of didn't make me gag! =) My husband went with a strip steak stuffed with buffalo cheese and it had some sort of glaze on it with orzo and I believe squash. He said his was perfectly cooked and yummy as well. I asked if they had any non-alcoholic wine and unfortunately they didn't so I drank water....but the hubs went with the Bistro Red Flight. It was 3 samples of red wines....probably 3 oz of each. We had a really nice time and highly recommend it if you ever get to Lincoln, Nebraska. =)

After dinner we went to Target (how romantic! haha) to pick up a few things then we headed to Granite City for dessert. =) They have a "GC Big Cookie" that is an 'enormous almond toffee chocolate chip cookie' that comes warm in a small pizza pan (10" or so)....with vanilla bean icecream on top drizzled with caramel. TO. DIE. FOR! I had a glass of milk with it and the hubs had a mug of their stout which pairs perfect with chocolate. We ate almost all of the cookie (oink, oink!) and took a little bit with us in a to-go box.

I was stuffed and slightly uncomfortable by the time we got home. It was past my bedtime so I put on my big elastic-waisted pajama bottoms (they fit when I was still 220) and my thermal top and headed for bed while the hubs stayed up and watched some tv.

It was a perfect night and I couldn't have asked for more. =)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


That's how my Thanksgiving holiday was....sucky. I had body aches and chills last Tuesday. I was constipated Wednesday and Thursday. I had diarrhea all freaking day on Friday. Saturday my bowels still hurt. Sunday I was finally feeling somewhat better. I had read that constipation goes along with pregnancy but I figured I ate enough fiber that I wouldn't have to worry too much about it. Wrong. I've now resorted to prune juice to help things 'move' along better!

The good thing about being sick all weekend was that no one questioned why I wasn't having at least a glass of wine. I actually spent Thanksgiving Day alone in the basement, except for the 15 minutes I was at the table eating lunch and maybe an hour in the evening after everyone had left. I still went to bed at my normal 9:00 time each night and no one questioned it.

So the secret is still safe. =)

We went to the florist Saturday morning and ordered the arrangement for my parents. I decided to go with the one below. I found a square vase just like the one pictured and a small flag so I took those in with me and also left the picture with them. It will be delivered by noon on Christmas Eve.

A couple of you have asked for belly pics...but really there's nothing to show just yet. Up until Thanksgiving I had only gained 2.4 pounds....but due to my stomach issues I ended up losing 1.4 which leaves me only 1 pound heavier than when I found out I was pregnant.

The lower tummy pooch I started out with hasn't changed might be more round, but not noticeable to anyone but me. I'm still able to wear all of my regular jeans and pants with no trouble.
What are getting bigger though are my boobs. I had to buy new bras last week...I'm a FULL CUP larger! Already! In certain shirts I feel I look like I got a boob job. lol.... ; )

But yes, as soon as my tummy starts showing a bit more I will take a picture and post it.

My next appointment is two weeks from tomorrow and we're looking forward to hearing the heartbeat. I wish I had a video camera just so I could pick up the sound from the machine and post it here, but we don't have one yet.

I almost of our friend's has offered to help paint the nursery and the other bedroom as a shower gift! She likes to paint and had some really neat ideas so it should be pretty fun. Too bad we can't start for several more months!

That's all for now...and thanks for still checking in on me. =)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Not much to write about!

I'm finding that I don't really have a weekly update for this blog like I did for my weightloss blog! I don't have much new to tell....

I will report that even though I know it's okay to be be gaining weight now, it's hard to see the number going up after praying for it to go down for a year! I'm 8 weeks along and I've gained 2.4 pounds since I found out I was pregnant 4 weeks ago. I'm not upset with that but I'm really trying to stay between 3-5 pounds during the first 13 weeks. I've read that that's an average amound of gain so that's my target. I'll admit that I haven't ate as healthy as I could be. =(

Other than feeling tired all the time and like my boobs have been beaten with a meat tenderizer...I'm doing well. The nausea that I had been experiencing for a week was related to the prenatal vitamins. I started taking them before bed and since then I haven't felt sick during the day. I still get the stabbing pains in my abdomen from the cyst but I'm getting used to them.

We're going back to my parents' home for Thanksgiving. We'll leave here around 1 or 1:30 on Wednesday and will be there in time for, supper as my mom calls it. I've requested she make meatloaf and scalloped potatoes that night. Mmmm....comfort food!

She told me she made a blueberry pie (my favorite and I request it every year) and I can have "a small slice" of it. What?! I asked why a small slice and not a regular slice and she said she didn't want me to blow my progress on one meal. You see, she thinks I'm still doing WW....she doesn't know I'm knocked up. ; ) lol....

My MIL also asks my hubs each week how my weigh-in went. He tells her I either maintained or had a small really, he's being honest. ; )

We've decided to give bottles of wine to his parents and sister at Christmas as a way of telling them the news. I've designed a label that we're going to stick on the bottle. It has a cartoon-like picture of a stork with the words "Special Delivery" at the top and underneath the picture it says "Carefully Aged 40 Weeks" and then beneath that it says "Ready to Enjoy on July 5, 2009." Once we have it stuck to the bottles I'll take a picture and post it.

I've decided, and the hubs has reluctantly agreed, that spare bedroom #1 will be turned into the nursery. This is the room we just repainted last New Year's Day. It will require another change of color eventually. The bedding set from that room will be moved to spare bedroom #2...which will also require painting. Okay, okay....technically we wouldn't have to since the walls are a neutral light beige, but I want it to be green like the other room is now. It's a light shade, very pretty. I think it was called seagrass or something like that. We still have some left so I can get another gallon no problem.

The nursery will be painted a medium shade of brown as the plan as of now is to decorate in either pink/brown or blue/brown. I'd love to do brown on the bottom, like up to the window, and then either light pink or light blue the rest of the way up....but the hubs reminded me that we aren't exactly DIYers. lol... I have two cousins in town who are good at DIY jobs though so maybe I'll recruit one of them. =)

Okay, that's all for now. I hope you all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Don't pass out from too much turkey. ; )

Thursday, November 13, 2008

We have daycare!

I wanted to get daycare out of the way since places fill up fast. So many of the providers I called either knew they'd have no openings when we needed it in October (I'm taking 12 weeks off from work after the baby arrives in July) or wouldn't know till next summer. I didn't want to put it off till then.

I ended up finding a licensed in-home daycare in our area...a 5-minute drive away...who would have a vacancy when we need it. She told me over the phone that she's been licensed for 15 years (with no negative reports...I checked), she has 3 kids of her own (ages 18, 6, 20 months), and she has a part-time assistant who has 7 grown kids and 6 grandkids!

We interviewed her Monday night and I visited on Tuesday when the kids were there. I also talked to two moms whose kids go there, and my husband talked to one of the dads (via email...turns out they work for the same company). They all gave her glowing reviews and are very happy with the care she provides and all said they would recommend her to their friends and family. We went over last night and paid a retainer fee (equal to two weeks of care) so she will keep the spot, which becomes vacant in August, open for us.

She operates the daycare out of her basement (a walk-out) and it was very clean and organized. There were posters with baby sign language, the alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers and also a poster with all of the kids' birthdays on it. Lots of toys and books but they were all put away on shelves and toyboxes. No clutter at all. The yard was large and had lots of play stuff, too.

The infants (18 months and younger) sleep in portable cribs in a separate room; the older kids nap in the main room on mats. Also, the infants are only in the other room while they are sleeping or getting diaper changes; otherwise they are in the main room with the other kids in bouncers, swings, etc. so they aren't just lying in a bed all day long and secluded.

She teaches a preschool program to the older kids (ages 3-5) which includes sign language. The younger kids also learn stuff since they're in there, too.

She also particpates in the USDA food program so other than breastmilk, we don't have to supply any other food which will be nice. I won't have to pack containers of baby food, snacks, etc. each day.

When I visited they were just getting ready for lunch (ravioli, green beans, applesauce and milk) and her assistant was leading the 5 older kids in prayer at a little table. The younger ones were in little chairs with trays attached on the floor and she and the assistant fed them. After lunch, the younger ones (4 total) walked into their room to take a nap. Very orderly and no fussing at all. She fed the baby and then took him in as well. I was very impressed with how organized and scheduled everything was.

The kids at the daycare were all nicely dressed and well-groomed...none of them looked "ghetto" if you know what I mean. lol....

I'm happy with our decision and glad it's out of the way. One less thing to worry about!

Here's a picture of her house:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Opinions Please

As I've said before, we've decided to tell our families at Christmas but here's my problem...we alternate whose family we spend the major holidays with and this year we'll be with my husband's family. We could make an extra trip to my hometown the weekend before, but given that it's a 4-hour drive one way and could be bad weather....we aren't really wanting to do that.

I have an idea and would just like your thoughts. I could call the florist back home and ask if they could deliver a floral arrangement on Christmas Eve to my parents for the centerpiece for dinner. Since the baby is going to arrive around the 4th of July, I thought it could be sort of a patriotic theme with red, white and blue flowers and maybe a small American flag. I found a few ideas online....what do you think?

On the card we could say something like, "I'm looking forward to meeting you around July 5! Love, Baby L."

Granted, I wouldn't be able to see their reaction...which I know will be complete shock...but I know they'll call as soon as they read it. I don't think my mom will be upset that I didn't tell them in person. On the other hand, I don't want to make her mad or hurt her feelings, you know? So do you think it's an okay idea or should we go home??

On a side note, I'm hoping that I don't go too much earlier than my due date because I found out today that my parents will be gone June 21-28 to Niagara Falls! But I also don't want to be much later than the 5th because they have plans to go 'tanking' down the Calamus River with my dad's 3 siblings and their families. I was looking forward to going, too, but it's July 10-12, so my husband and I obviously won't be going now!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Lab Results

Just an doctor's office called and said my progesterone levels are nice and high so no more blood draws or need for further treatment. =)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Ultrasound

I had to go in for an ultrasound today because the doctor was concerned about the stabbing-like pain I've been having on the left side of my abdomen. It turns out I have a cyst on my left ovary but it's nothing to worry about.

Apparently when the egg was released from my left ovary, it left a cavity which sealed over and filled with fluid. The cyst is producing the progesterone for the baby until the placenta takes over. They aren't all that uncommon and 99% of them dissolve on their own by the 13th week. Until then, I'll experience the sharp jabbing pains where the cyst is on that side. As the ultrasound tech said, "the pain can stop you in your tracks" which is a very good description because it literally has. So the next 7 weeks or so won't be the most comfortable, but at least I know nothing is wrong. Most importantly, the baby is developing in the uterus where it should.

I did have to get my blood drawn to check my body's progesterone levels to make sure they'll be high enough to sustain the pregnancy once the cyst dissolves and the placenta takes over. The results will be back tomorrow. If they're too low I'll be put on progesterone.

The yolk sac is a good size and the amount of fluid is good, too. Everything looks normal. =) She measured the baby at 2 mm or 1/12" .... TINY! It's measuring at 5 weeks 3 days and according to my last period, I'm 5 weeks 5 days so they're very close. She said usually they're doing good to be within a week of eachother and mine are only 2 days apart. See, it pays to be OCD! Each month I would circle the date my period started on my calendar so I knew the exact date. lol...

Before we started she told me not to be concerned if we couldn't see the heartbeat since I'm less than 6 weeks, but guess what? WE DID! And it was thumping nice and strong...and fast!

She sent me home with 3 photos. I tried scanning them but they didn't turn out good enough to post. So you'll just have to take my word for it....he/she is absolutely gorgeous. lol... ; )

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Five Weeks, Four Days

I met with a nurse/pregnancy educator at my new OB 's office today. Her name is Bonnie and she was really nice...though loud! We were in a very small room but she was talking loud enough for a lecture hall! lol...

My new due date is July 5. The July 1 date came from a web site that used my LMP (last menstrual period) and the number of days in my menstrual cycle. When the doctor's office calculated the due date, they don't figure in your normal cycle (mine is only 23 days), so that's why the date is a few days later. But either way, we can expect him (or her) the first week of July.

I received lots of information and free stuff...even a "dad approved" diaper bag. It's black with tan trim. I'm excited to get home so I can go through everything because I haven't had a chance to yet.

She asked me how things have been going and if I'm experiencing any cramping, which is normal. I haven't had cramps really for a few days, but I get a stabbing sensation on the left side of my abdomen so I mentioned that to her. I haven't felt it since Monday, but up until then I'd had it nearly every day I think and a couple of times a day. She was concerned about that so the next time it happens I have to call the office and report it. More than likely I'll have to go in and get an ultrasound done to make sure nothing is wrong. I just thought it was "round ligament pain," which I've read a lot about or just growing pains from my uterus getting larger. So now I'm a little worried and hope that it doesn't happen again.

I'm starting to have a few food more turkey sandwiches for me. The smell of it about made me gag yesterday and after one bite, I couldn't do it. My yogurt later in the afternoon was hard to choke down, too. So far I haven't vomitted and I hope I don't!

That's all for now...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Doctor's Visit

I went to my regular doctor this morning and was very disappointed with my visit. All he did was ask very basic questions like when was my last period (Sept. 29), have I taken a home pregnancy test (yes), was it positive (yes), how many I took (1), and if the pregnancy was planned (no). I'm not sure why he asked that last question and it kinda bugged me. Why does it matter now? Then he sent me for bloodwork to confirm the pregnancy and said his office would call with the results. That was it. He didn't even tell me congratulations! I felt very uneasy when I left.

His office called back a little while ago with the blood tests and confirmed what we already knew...I'm indeed pregnant! Since this morning's visit didn't go as I thought it would, I have decided to take my uterus elsewhere and have my future visits with an OB/GYN. The daughter of a co-worker is pregnant with her second child and I remember her saying how much she really likes her and how down-to-earth she is. I went ahead and told her the news (she's excited) and she gave me the doctor's name.

I called and visited with the receptionist...who congratulated me, by the way...and she made me an appointment next Wednesday, November 5th. It's just with one of the nurses and will be mainly to gather medical history. Another nurse called just a while ago and asked some more basic I taking prenatal vitamins (yes), how am I feeling (fine other than my breasts are super tender), have I experienced any bleeding (no) or cramping (yes...and she explained why) and also what the first appointment will be like. She said I will receive so much information that I'll have to "have a hammer to bang it all in with." Alrighty then! She also told me congratulations and to call if I have any questions between now and next week. I feel like I am going to be in good hands.

I won't see Dr. Placek until December 17th when I am roughly 12 weeks along. She will do a Doppler ultrasound and we will get to hear the baby's heartbeat. =) I asked the nurse if we would get to see him/her and she said that an image ultrasound won't be done until I'm 20 weeks along, which is somewhat disappointing. We aren't planning to tell family and friends until Christmas (I want to get through the first trimester), and I wanted to frame a picture of an ultrasound to give to the grandparents as a way of breaking the news. I'll have to figure out another way, which is not a big deal.

I'm looking forward to my appointment next week and will share how that goes.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two Pink Lines

Two pink lines appeared in the 'magic window' of the pregnancy test this morning indicating that we're pregnant. I obviously don't have a due date since I haven't been to the doctor, but according to a few websites I will be due some time during the first week of next July.

This pregnancy wasn't planned; however, we have decided that it's in God's plan for us and it will be fine. We're both still in shock and I'm not going to lie...freaked out and scared.

I bought the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" so hopefully that will ease some of our fears and answer some of the preliminary questions we have.

We don't have a preference as to a boy or a girl...all we want are 10 fingers, 10 toes and 23 pairs of chromosomes. =)