Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Doctor's Visit

I went to my regular doctor this morning and was very disappointed with my visit. All he did was ask very basic questions like when was my last period (Sept. 29), have I taken a home pregnancy test (yes), was it positive (yes), how many I took (1), and if the pregnancy was planned (no). I'm not sure why he asked that last question and it kinda bugged me. Why does it matter now? Then he sent me for bloodwork to confirm the pregnancy and said his office would call with the results. That was it. He didn't even tell me congratulations! I felt very uneasy when I left.

His office called back a little while ago with the blood tests and confirmed what we already knew...I'm indeed pregnant! Since this morning's visit didn't go as I thought it would, I have decided to take my uterus elsewhere and have my future visits with an OB/GYN. The daughter of a co-worker is pregnant with her second child and I remember her saying how much she really likes her and how down-to-earth she is. I went ahead and told her the news (she's excited) and she gave me the doctor's name.

I called and visited with the receptionist...who congratulated me, by the way...and she made me an appointment next Wednesday, November 5th. It's just with one of the nurses and will be mainly to gather medical history. Another nurse called just a while ago and asked some more basic I taking prenatal vitamins (yes), how am I feeling (fine other than my breasts are super tender), have I experienced any bleeding (no) or cramping (yes...and she explained why) and also what the first appointment will be like. She said I will receive so much information that I'll have to "have a hammer to bang it all in with." Alrighty then! She also told me congratulations and to call if I have any questions between now and next week. I feel like I am going to be in good hands.

I won't see Dr. Placek until December 17th when I am roughly 12 weeks along. She will do a Doppler ultrasound and we will get to hear the baby's heartbeat. =) I asked the nurse if we would get to see him/her and she said that an image ultrasound won't be done until I'm 20 weeks along, which is somewhat disappointing. We aren't planning to tell family and friends until Christmas (I want to get through the first trimester), and I wanted to frame a picture of an ultrasound to give to the grandparents as a way of breaking the news. I'll have to figure out another way, which is not a big deal.

I'm looking forward to my appointment next week and will share how that goes.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two Pink Lines

Two pink lines appeared in the 'magic window' of the pregnancy test this morning indicating that we're pregnant. I obviously don't have a due date since I haven't been to the doctor, but according to a few websites I will be due some time during the first week of next July.

This pregnancy wasn't planned; however, we have decided that it's in God's plan for us and it will be fine. We're both still in shock and I'm not going to lie...freaked out and scared.

I bought the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" so hopefully that will ease some of our fears and answer some of the preliminary questions we have.

We don't have a preference as to a boy or a girl...all we want are 10 fingers, 10 toes and 23 pairs of chromosomes. =)