Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Her First Cold

Brianna came down with her first cold last weekend at 14 weeks. She isn't running a fever but her nose is really stuffed up. I've been putting Little Noses saline drops in it a few times a day to loosen up the mucus so I can suction it out to give her some relief. She hates the drops and the aspirator bulb (who wouldn't?) and screams and moves all over as I'm trying to stick it in her nose. I know it'll make her feel better, but I hate that it makes her so mad. Plus, I'm afraid I'm going to poke her eye out with the end of it since she won't lie still. After a while she gives up and lets me get it all out. She also has a little bit of a cough because of the drainage, but it's not too bad. We bought a cool mist humidifier for her room so we've ran it all night the past two nights.

I was able to stay home with her yesterday because I had the day off (holiday) but she went to daycare today. I know I can't call in every time she has a runny nose but I felt bad leaving her there hardly able to breathe. I told C to suction her nose a few times today so hopefully she did. I'm looking forward to getting home and seeing her.

Here's a picture I took a couple of weeks ago. She has a tendency to put her hands up as soon as I start to take the's a classic example of that!