Friday, October 16, 2009

This and That...and Weekend Plans

Brianna is getting over her cold which is good. She's still pretty plugged up in the morning but once I get her nose suctioned out she's good to go till night time.

She's been wanting to sit up or stand up instead of just lying on the ground as much so I decided to put together her bouncer/entertainer thing last night. Forty-five minutes later I put her in the seat...only to discover she's too little for it. I had the platform underneath it raised as high as it would go and her feet were still at least an inch from touching. Her poor little arms are too short to reach any of the fun toys, too. I even put a blanket in with her to scooch her up some but it wasn't enough. I could tell she liked it though because I pushed the buttons that light up and play music and she was smiling and trying to reach them. The box said "4m+" so we'll try it in another month and see if she's any closer to fitting.

Tomorrow we plan to go tailgating before the Husker game. Our neighbors have a spot across downtown and we have an open invitation to join them whenever we can make it. It's supposed to be in the 50s tomorrow so we're going to head down there. Brianna has a Husker cheerleading outfit but since we'll be outside and I don't want her legs to get chilly, I'll dress her in a white long sleeve onesie with her black and red short sleeve Husker onesie on top of that with a pair of black pants. She also has a Husker blanket so we'll take that, too.

I also want to go pick out pumpkins this weekend, probably on Sunday. Since it'll be nice again I'd like to go to an actual pumpkin patch instead of just to a grocery store. I was talking to a coworker and she suggested Sunwest Farms, which is a nursery/garden center in town that has a pumpkin patch. She said they have neat displays which are perfect for pictures and they have pumpkins for sale around the building so you don't have to go out into the actual field to pick them, which would be better given Brianna's age. Plus, they don't charge anything (other than the price of the pumpkin, of course) unlike the other two area pumpkin patches. One place charges $12.25 per person; the other is $7 per person (children under age two are free at each place) and that's just to get in! You still have to pay for your pumpkins on top of that! Is that outrageous or what?! Granted, they're bigger and probably have more things to do...but given she's only 3 months old it wouldn't be worth it. Sunwest Farms will be perfectly fine for several more years.

I'll post pics from the patch later, but for now here are some pics from earlier this week....