Monday, October 5, 2009

3 months old...

Our little girl turned 3 months old yesterday so we had her pictures taken at Portrait Innovations over the weekend. While the pictures turned out good, we probably won't have them taken there least not on a Saturday. They were really busy and there was lots of waiting around due to the way they do their shoots. We weren't just in one room; they use two with different backgrounds available in each so we had to wait about 15 minutes for the second room to open up. Then we had to wait until a computer was available to view them. Our original appointment time was 2:10 and we didn't get done until 4:00 by the time we had to keep waiting. Then the pictures were supposed to be ready in 30 minutes, but the printer ran out of paper and they got backed up so they weren't. We didn't have time to wait any longer because we had to get my husband to church because he was singing in the praise team and I needed to pump. So we didn't actually pick them up till yesterday, which was fine really.

They took a total of 46 pictures....and she didn't smile for a single one! lol... I wasn't too surprised though. In the morning when she first wakes up she's full of smiles but for the most part she's a pretty serious baby. She studies the world around her and takes it all in.

Here are two poses we ended up ordering:

We took a dress that we wanted her pics taken in, too, but they don't wait for outfit changes. In other words, they would've done another group's pictures and we would've had to wait AGAIN for a room to open up. We didn't have time and she was getting tired of having bright lights in her face anyway. Her baptism is this weekend and she's wearing that dress so I'll just be sure to have our friend get some nice pictures then.

When it's time to have her 6 month pictures taken in January we'll go to Sears instead. I know there that your appointment is done all at once, in one room, and they allow for outfit changes without squeezing in other groups at the same time. Their prices are about the same; the only difference is we'll have to wait for the pictures and not have them the same day....which isn't that big of a deal. Hopefully she's more smiley by then, too! =)


Amanda said...

Love the pictures! She is BEAUTIFUL!