Saturday, November 8, 2008

Opinions Please

As I've said before, we've decided to tell our families at Christmas but here's my problem...we alternate whose family we spend the major holidays with and this year we'll be with my husband's family. We could make an extra trip to my hometown the weekend before, but given that it's a 4-hour drive one way and could be bad weather....we aren't really wanting to do that.

I have an idea and would just like your thoughts. I could call the florist back home and ask if they could deliver a floral arrangement on Christmas Eve to my parents for the centerpiece for dinner. Since the baby is going to arrive around the 4th of July, I thought it could be sort of a patriotic theme with red, white and blue flowers and maybe a small American flag. I found a few ideas online....what do you think?

On the card we could say something like, "I'm looking forward to meeting you around July 5! Love, Baby L."

Granted, I wouldn't be able to see their reaction...which I know will be complete shock...but I know they'll call as soon as they read it. I don't think my mom will be upset that I didn't tell them in person. On the other hand, I don't want to make her mad or hurt her feelings, you know? So do you think it's an okay idea or should we go home??

On a side note, I'm hoping that I don't go too much earlier than my due date because I found out today that my parents will be gone June 21-28 to Niagara Falls! But I also don't want to be much later than the 5th because they have plans to go 'tanking' down the Calamus River with my dad's 3 siblings and their families. I was looking forward to going, too, but it's July 10-12, so my husband and I obviously won't be going now!


Lady Hampton said...

I think you should videotape telling them and send that along with the bouquet... Then they can "watch" you tell them... Just an idea...

Amanda said...

I love the flower idea! You'll have to be pretty specific with the florist though - and tell them WHY you want it that way. Call in plenty of time, because they will be busy and may have to special order something naturally blue. (Can you tell I work PT at a florist?)

Marcie said...

If I do decide to go with a bouquet I will order it later this month when we're home for Thanksgiving. And I'm fine with dyed flowers if naturally blue flowers aren't in season now. Heck they could do all carnations which would be pretty simple and easy.

I might see if I can find a small American flag this week...with Veteran's Day and all it shouldn't be too the one picture.

KK said...

I think the one in the middle! What a cute idea!

RooBabs said...

I love the flowers idea, although I know what you mean about wanting to see their reaction. I think your parents would be understanding of not wanting to make a trip that far if the weather's dicey, and hopefully they would feel that you made it special for them. The video idea is cute, too.

Too bad you'll miss out on the river trip. What is "tanking" by the way? And about the timing, just keep thinking positive!!