Monday, November 24, 2008

Not much to write about!

I'm finding that I don't really have a weekly update for this blog like I did for my weightloss blog! I don't have much new to tell....

I will report that even though I know it's okay to be be gaining weight now, it's hard to see the number going up after praying for it to go down for a year! I'm 8 weeks along and I've gained 2.4 pounds since I found out I was pregnant 4 weeks ago. I'm not upset with that but I'm really trying to stay between 3-5 pounds during the first 13 weeks. I've read that that's an average amound of gain so that's my target. I'll admit that I haven't ate as healthy as I could be. =(

Other than feeling tired all the time and like my boobs have been beaten with a meat tenderizer...I'm doing well. The nausea that I had been experiencing for a week was related to the prenatal vitamins. I started taking them before bed and since then I haven't felt sick during the day. I still get the stabbing pains in my abdomen from the cyst but I'm getting used to them.

We're going back to my parents' home for Thanksgiving. We'll leave here around 1 or 1:30 on Wednesday and will be there in time for, supper as my mom calls it. I've requested she make meatloaf and scalloped potatoes that night. Mmmm....comfort food!

She told me she made a blueberry pie (my favorite and I request it every year) and I can have "a small slice" of it. What?! I asked why a small slice and not a regular slice and she said she didn't want me to blow my progress on one meal. You see, she thinks I'm still doing WW....she doesn't know I'm knocked up. ; ) lol....

My MIL also asks my hubs each week how my weigh-in went. He tells her I either maintained or had a small really, he's being honest. ; )

We've decided to give bottles of wine to his parents and sister at Christmas as a way of telling them the news. I've designed a label that we're going to stick on the bottle. It has a cartoon-like picture of a stork with the words "Special Delivery" at the top and underneath the picture it says "Carefully Aged 40 Weeks" and then beneath that it says "Ready to Enjoy on July 5, 2009." Once we have it stuck to the bottles I'll take a picture and post it.

I've decided, and the hubs has reluctantly agreed, that spare bedroom #1 will be turned into the nursery. This is the room we just repainted last New Year's Day. It will require another change of color eventually. The bedding set from that room will be moved to spare bedroom #2...which will also require painting. Okay, okay....technically we wouldn't have to since the walls are a neutral light beige, but I want it to be green like the other room is now. It's a light shade, very pretty. I think it was called seagrass or something like that. We still have some left so I can get another gallon no problem.

The nursery will be painted a medium shade of brown as the plan as of now is to decorate in either pink/brown or blue/brown. I'd love to do brown on the bottom, like up to the window, and then either light pink or light blue the rest of the way up....but the hubs reminded me that we aren't exactly DIYers. lol... I have two cousins in town who are good at DIY jobs though so maybe I'll recruit one of them. =)

Okay, that's all for now. I hope you all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Don't pass out from too much turkey. ; )


Lady Hampton said...

I'm sure that you know another DIY'er in town... (hint) :P (Of course, just because people can DIY doesn't mean they actually get things DIY'ed...)

KK said...

You can always post weekly belly pis! :-)

RooBabs said...

Hope your Thanksgiving was great (and no bad driving weather).

That's too bad that the cyst is still giving you trouble. Hopefully it won't be around too much longer.

Good luck with your nursery, and painting. I dread the day that we have to turn our other upstairs bedroom into a baby room, because currently it's a computer room, my "walk-in" closet, and random storage- and it's a mess!! I really need to get it organized before I get pregnant, so that it's one less thing to worry about later.

Love the idea of the wine bottles. That's such a cute idea.

c said...

I agree with KK - post belly pics soon!

I like your announcment idea! Was there any speculation over the weekend? I imagine it would be a hard thing to hide - at least your doing WW so people wouldn't question declining drinks.